The Inter-Club Council acts as the official voice of Ardrey Kell High School's clubs and organizations, protecting their rights and privileges. The ICC works to facilitate communication and cooperation among the different organizations. Additionally, it accurately represents the concerns of the clubs and organizations to the administration, faculty, and staff. Each group appoints one member to act as its ICC representative and the representative meets with the ICC once monthly to discuss plans for the future of AK's clubs and organizations.

New Clubs

In the past, clubs have been accepted on a rolling basis, which unfortunately led to many inactive and redundant clubs. We have now streamlined this process in order to maintain the high level of integrity that Ardrey Kell and ICC strives for. The new process will be better equipped to ensure equity, accountability, and transparency across all clubs. Moving forward, ICC will review applications for new clubs in October and February of each school year, on an "as needed" basis (We are no longer accepting new clubs). This will be a selective process, focused on supporting club longevity and growth. The overall goal is for established clubs to last from year-to-year, be group-based and not confined to the leadership of one student. You can find the current ICC clubs here, if you are seeking club involvement this year.

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